Warm Hands, Warm Heart

You know, after relating the saga of my Damson shawlette earlier this month, I’ve had a new appreciation for how far I’ve come as a knitter. I’ve been apprehensive about projects that I consider to be more complex, often putting them off “until I have more experience.” I took the plunge on these gloves because my hands have just been so cold, and I’m absolutely thrilled with everything about them.

These gloves are everything that storebought gloves are not: warm, comfortable, well-fitted, long cuffs, and if I do say so myself, beautiful. This project is a perfect illustration of why I became a knitter. I needed something specific, and I made it happen. The cabling was a piece of cake, especially since I did it without a cable needle, using this method by Grumperina. I wasn’t sure about the fingers, but I ended up picking up twice the number of stitches when joining one finger onto the next, and then using k2tog to decrease to the correct number of stitches. This only left a few small gaps that I was easily able to close when weaving in ends. The results are comfortable as well as good looking, with no gaps to catch on anything or let in too much wind.

Just the facts:  Knotty Gloves by Julia Mueller in Knit Picks Stroll, color Aurora Heather.


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