Dear Hogfather

This time of year, knitters on Earth are often finishing last minute Christmas stockings, so I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that this knitter has modified a Christmas design to be a little more tailored to Hogswatch. I took the Falling Snow Stocking pattern by Jennifer Hoel, and re-charted the middle section by adapting Sandra Jäger‘s charts of Father Christmas and a pig, and adding in some one-stitch “snow” to deal with the long floats. To capture the blood-on-the-snow spirit of Hogswatch, I chose to use bare Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky alongside the color Wine. I hope you’re pleased with the results:

I’m normally a continental knitter, but I taught myself to carry the second color English, which made a world of difference in the speed and ease of knitting this stocking. I’m looking forward to knitting more colorwork than I ever thought I would with the help of this new skill. My friends are already clamoring for Hogswatch stockings of their own. I’m proud to be doing my bit to shore up belief in you, Hogfather, so that the sun will continue to rise (rather than a ball of flaming gas simply illuminating the world).

As always, Hogfather, please bring me snow for Hogswatch, and also a pony. Cheers!


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