The Best-Laid Plans

It’s been a hectic week and a bit since my last post! As I promised, I do have exciting news that returned with my in-laws from their vacation visiting family in upstate New York, but I’m saving the formal post for after I have a chance to take pictures. They brought something else with them too, that I wasn’t expecting: a whole bushel of sweet cherries! What I didn’t know when I first heard this was just how big a bushel is – according to good old Google, a bushel of cherries is around 50lbs! I immediately made plans for a whole slew of preserves with this bounty, and if all had gone according to schedule I’d have several well-documented posts to share with you about my cherry-canning escapades.

Needless to say, things did not go even a tiny bit according to schedule. On Tuesday night we had a very violent 10-minute thunderstorm that knocked out our power for nearly 24 hours. The chest freezer was full enough to stay frozen, but we lost most of the contents of our indoor fridges and freezers. Since we have an electric stove, we couldn’t do anything in the way of cooking or preserving, and so everything was thrown off. Trying to catch up, my mother-in-law and I took the weekend and pounded out several batches of jam, jelly, and pickles from stocks that were getting ready to spoil or over-ripen – the last of the early kohlrabi and strawberries, remnants of rhubarb left over from other jams, and of course the cherries! I also picked up some pickling cucumbers and green beans at the farmer’s market to try my hand at pickling on my own, and I have chunks of watermelon rind in the fridge for pickling as well. And at last, the cherries are all processed and juiced in preparation for jelly, or chopped and frozen in preparation for jam. Now perhaps we can get back to some semblance of organization!

5 thoughts on “The Best-Laid Plans

  1. Yep! I used this recipe for Honey-Pickled Kohlrabi from Putting Up with Erin! It was the first time I’d tried it, and it won’t be ready for tasting until next week, so I don’t know how it turned out yet.

    Note that she amended the recipe to add salt to the ingredient list at 1tsp, but in answer to my original comment she said 1Tbsp of salt, and I used the larger amount.


  2. Looks interesting. We seldom have any left to preserve because we love to eat it raw, but I might just have to give this a try. When you do try it, can you post your results?


  3. Update: we tried the kohlrabi! It was VERY caraway-ish. The consensus was that next time we will shred it instead of cutting it into chunks, and treat it as kind of a slaw. I may also play around with the spices to bring out the sweetness of the honey a bit more, maybe some cardamom or cinnamon, like a pickled watermelon rind.


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