Nothing up my sleeve…

Presto! The modest trio of meat rabbits we planned to start with? They just became six, count ’em, SIX rabbits currently in residence! All due to the generosity of our rabbit mentor, Avery’s uncle. Apparently he was at the county fair last weekend, and decided to purchase the winning trio of Californians from the 4-H rabbit show. He gave the buck to another friend of his, and sent the two does to us, since they are both better conformed and of a nicer temperament than the one we originally got. Actually, both of our original does are really showing their early lack of handling. Despite our efforts to get them to associate us with food and high value treats, and to introduce them to gentle handling, they both remain fairly aggressive and flighty. As such, we are quite happy to have a pair of well-socialized 4-H rabbits instead!

My mother-in-law went to pick up the Californians, and while she was there, fell for a young Rex doe from a recent litter Avery’s uncle bred. Since we had room for one more, she decided to bring her home as well – why not? So we are officially at rabbit capacity! Our current plan is to harvest the aggressive Cal we originally got, and keep the NZW just long enough to breed her in early December and let her raise one litter. Otherwise our initial breeding would be pushed back by at least a month, since the new Cals are several weeks younger. Once the NZW’s litter is weaned, we’ll get her fit for the freezer and harvest her, unless she’s had a major attitude adjustment in the meantime. That will get us back to our originally planned trio of Californian meat rabbits, plus the Rex who, let’s face it, is mostly just for fun. Avery’s mom doesn’t ask for much, though, so we’re happy to oblige! And she is awful pretty – take a look!

butterscotch rex


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