A Day in the Life

Today was my day off from my regular job, and I used it to relax and get some things done! First I started a fire when I got up. We have a fireplace with an insert, and while we don’t heat exclusively with wood, we do try to at least offset our oil usage somewhat. Then, after the house pets were fed, I went out to the barn to feed and water the poultry and rabbits.  I have started the NZ doe on free choice pellets, and I picked up some alfalfa/timothy mix hay for her. I’m still not positive that she’s pregnant, but I want to make sure she has plenty of calories and protein available just in case. The resident gentleman gave me a very serious face over breakfast:
I also spent the morning stripping all the rabbit cages and giving them a thorough cleaning. I’m sure they were a bit confused as I was listening to (and singing along with!) some Christmas carols the whole time! After the barn chores were done, I made a run to the feed store for a few things, and took care of some other errands. Instead of getting clearer and warmer, the weather stayed dreary, so I did some various boring (but necessary) household chores inside. After it got dark and I closed up the chicken door and did a final check of everyone’s food and water, I made myself some dinner, then snuggled up with a blanket, my knitting, and a Christmas movie (Arthur Christmas, which I had never seen but recorded on a whim. It was a fun little film, with an absolutely all-star cast). My current project is a long-overdue baby blanket. It’s in the “black hole” phase, where I knit and knit but it just doesn’t get any bigger! That’s about all I’ve really had going on today. I’m just quietly holding down the fort this weekend while Avery is away, but it’s really nice to get a day to just sit back and take care of myself and the farm for a change.

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