5 Degrees

That was the temperature at 7:15 this morning. It felt like minus 25. The promise of spring seems far off indeed.

Luckily, we have a pretty cozy setup for the critters around here. The rabbits have plenty of straw bedding for insulation in addition to their warm coats. Their water bottles are heated, so we aren’t having to take fresh crocks out to the barn at all hours. The chickens and ducks have heated water and plenty of space indoors to stay out of the wind. Even my short-coated dogs have coats to wear on a day like this! The pig pen, of course, is empty for exactly this reason, but we are already making plans to fill it again in May. In the meantime, the humans are hunkering down next to the fire to eat warm food and think warm thoughts! Hope you are warm and dreaming of spring wherever you are!

PS – The two Californian rabbit does were bred on schedule at the beginning of the month, so if they took, we can expect our next litter of baby bunnies around March 8th or so! Stay tuned!

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