Hello, and welcome to the blog of Celia York! I’m just a regular girl who is gradually realizing that more things are possible than I ever dreamed. This is the story of turning those possibilities into realities!

Here you’ll find tales of my adventures – and misadventures – on the homestead. I currently raise chickens and Muscovy ducks for eggs and meat, and I have my first pair of pigs for home-raised pork. I also have a trio of meat rabbits. I have raised turkeys in the past (and will again). I ride horses on a neighboring farm, and will be starting driving lessons while I look for my first horse to own. I keep a garden for herbs and vegetables, although I must confess I’m a very poor gardener! Future plans include a larger farm, the return of turkeys, pigeons, beehives, sheep, beef cattle, a working sheepdog, and many more horses!

I also enjoy hiking, knitting, and building my skills at sewing, baking, preserving food, and marksmanship with a bow or a firearm. I am an unabashed nerd, and enjoy board games, roleplaying, devouring books (especially fantasy or mysteries), and good movies, particularly classic film. I share my home with two dogs, three housecats, and a bearded dragon named Summer Glaurung. Bonus points if you understand where the name came from! (Hint: It’s like a before-and-after puzzle from Wheel of Fortune.)

There’s really not much more to know about me! If you’re intrigued, follow my blog or check back to hear more about my adventures! Thanks for visiting!

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