Talking About Myself

You know, I’m starting to wonder if my trouble with blogging doesn’t come down to the simple belief that the wide world of the internet couldn’t possibly be interested in what I’m up to. That’s not all of it – partly I also have trouble taking good pictures, and I don’t like to do a post without good-quality photos to go with it. But there’s a lot of wisdom in the “learn by doing” approach, so let’s see if I can make something of that!

When last we spoke, I had shown you my completed Fly Away Home lace shawlette, and was contemplating buying a sewing machine. I had a few WIPs, but most noteworthy among them was my Vivian sweater by Ysolda Teague, from Twist Collective. I’ve hit the approximate 50% mark based on yardage called for, and at last photograph the sweater looked like this:


Not too bad, in my opinion. It’s languished a bit in favor of a couple other things, but I’m saving the other WIPs for another post. Right now, I want to tell you about what I’ve accomplished! For one thing, I did indeed buy a sewing machine. I checked the bank account where I’ve been squirreling away sewing machine money as well as the tax refund for this year, and was able to get a lovely Pfaff machine that was a bit nicer than I expected would be in the budget. A penny saved is indeed a penny earned, and they add up! It may be a little silly, but I decided he needed a name, and have been calling him Otto. We’re just getting to know each other, but we managed to turn out a lovely little shoe bag from a fun chicken fabric I found on sale at Joann Fabrics¬†using this pattern.


I also may have brought home a couple of yards of a nice purple linen that’s intended for a Pavlova skirt from Cake Patterns. I’m not officially entering the sewalong and I don’t intend to make the top right now, but a purple linen circle skirt with a cute and functional pocket seems just the ticket for the upcoming spring and summer, and a 30 minute a day commitment with detailed tutorials sounds just right for my skill level. Hopefully it will go well!

I also whipped up a quick hat for a fun swap I was in on Ravelry, but most of my time has gone into WIPs. On the needles now, besides the Vivian sweater, I have two different pairs of mitts, each with one mitt completed (one with simple cables for me, the other man-sized colorwork mitts for a gift), a pair of socks on which I’ve just turned the first heel, a pair of spats, and my poor neglected entrelac cowl. We’ll see if I can finish something on that list before I make it back here!